Ruggette stands in solidarity

Dear Ruggette Community, 

We’re writing to express our support of, and to stand in solidarity with, the Black Lives Matter movement and the protests currently happening both in the US and abroad. 

This period has pushed us to self reflect in many ways. As individuals who identify as cis white women, we’ve spent time examining how our privilege has played a role in our lives, reflected on times we have made mistakes as allies and how we can grow to support black folks and the movement for racial equality. 

As a company, Ruggette is dedicated to making outdoor recreation an inclusive space for those of all racial and gender identities. We are working to dismantle the barriers to entry that have historically excluded all but cis white men. Time and time again, we feel that the outdoor industry and outdoor recreators haven’t done enough to support social and racial justice.

We’ve spent a lot of time throughout Ruggette’s growth focused on how we can be as inclusive as possible and support BIPOC both in the outdoors and beyond while being very aware that we are a company founded by three cis white women. As a tiny company, we don’t have the same abilities as large corporations; what we do have is a platform to bolster support for racial and social equality movements and to build a diverse team.

As for tangible steps we’re taking right now - for the next week we will be donating all proceeds from our sticker sales to Divine Natural Ancestry, a collective led by BIPOC womxn that grows and provides free natural food and medicine for BIPOC in Twin Cities, Minnesota. 

Additionally, we’ll be hosting a workshop/conversation next week to discuss ways we as individuals and as a company are working to make the outdoor industry more inclusive/anti-racist and serve as effective allies. If you’re interested in participating, please fill out this form

As we continue to make goals for supporting BIPOC, we would love input from our community; please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any ideas about how we can do better. 

We also want to encourage every person in our community to educate themselves; here is a link to a list of anti-racism resources that we’ve found to be particularly useful. If it is within your capabilities, please consider donating. 

In solidarity, 

Isabel, Hannah, and Lily

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