A Devious Story of Young Feminism and Run-ins with the Principal

A story by Eloise Hogan (age 13)

I’ve been to the principal’s office four times, I’ll tell you about two of them. 

The first time…

It was mid winter. A rule had been enforced that girls were not supposed to go on the terrace because our uniforms did not give us the proper warmth to go out. But the boys were allowed because their uniforms were pants when we had to wear skirts. It was mid school day and I was stressed. All I wanted was to go outside and have a good football game with the boys. I was stopped at the door and told “no bare legs allowed.” I marched right up to the principal's office with anger boiling up to my face. Knowing that I would probably get in lots of trouble. The conversation went like this...

Principal: I assume you are here to talk about the terrace rules.

Me: It’s not fair that girls have to wear skirts as part of our uniform considering we can't go outside if we have bare legs.

Principal: You make a very valid point and I understand what you are saying. I have a busy schedule and don’t have time for this right now. 

I walked out even more furious than when I walked in. I would have thought that because she was a woman and she was the head of the school, in a high place of power that she would know but instead she didn’t want to deal with it. 

I would not be turned away, I marched down to the assistant principal, Mr.Bluderman. I told him everything. He changed the rule right away and to this day, girls are allowed on the terrace whenever the boys are. 

The Badass Ruggette sticker incident...

I was sitting in the crowded lunchroom one day with my water bottle and reusable spoon in hand. When my teacher came up to me and said “Eloise, we’re not allowed to have that kind of language in this school house.” As I began to try to explain to her that this “badass” sticker is merch for my older sister’s company. Women are badass, we can go climb mountains too! Mid explanation, she cuts me off and says “Please excuse yourself to go to the principal's office.” On my walk there, I had to remind myself of what Ruggette is about. I was ready to put up a good explanation. I was running scenarios through my head. The worst case scenario was that she didn’t believe me and I had to call Lily to back me up. The Principal saw me walk through her door, at this point she knew what I cared about. I explained to her today’s problem. She told me I wasn’t in trouble now, but to please not bring in the water bottle again. 

Obviously I brought it back the next day. 

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  • Ava

    A bad ass babe with a bad ass role model.

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