Scampering in Cochamo

A Copper Carving in Indigo by Cal Waichler

This intaglio print somehow captures a dear friendship and an important place. My adventurous friend Olivia had the wild idea to go work in an Alaskan salmon processing plant, and then use our paychecks to buy plane tickets to South America. In Chile we wandered into this amazing valley, with rainforest bursting from cracks between huge granite mountains. For three days, we scampered around, plunging into tarns and getting skunked by bamboo thickets. Two years later, I spent hours carving tiny lines of this memory in copper, then step etching the darker tones into the print. Every time I hold this print in my hands I feel grateful to know strong, adventurous women. I also remember the humility that engulfs me when I spend time with towering mountains, trees, and icy rivers.

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