The Ruggette Team

ruggette (rug·gette) n. the feminine embodiment of rugged. Ruggettes have grit, tenacity, and wit coursing through their veins; an ache for adventure in their heart. Never one to shy away from a challenge, they are a true badass whether they fit the traditional mold or not.
Isabel Adler
Co-founder CEO 
Pronouns: she/her/hers
Insta: @i.adler

Isabel is a Brooklynite majoring in Government and minoring in Environmental Studies at Colby College. She is an Outward Bound and NOLS semester grad, Adirondack 46er, and Co-President of Colby's Mountaineering Club. She is extremely passionate about the color orange and the desert. As CEO Isabel does a bit of everything, her favorite being product development and supply chain sustainability.

Favorite camp meal: cheesy beans and rice, the more hot sauce the better, with what some might call a "gross" amount of sour cream

Campfire band instrument: upside-down plastic bowl drum

Never goes camping without her... super fuzzy sleeping socks


Lily Hogan
Co-founder  CMO
Pronouns: she/her/hers
Lily is a Manhattanite majoring in Global Studies and International Economic Policy at Colby College. She is a Division I Alpine Skier. Most recently, she bought a van... and is living the dream #vanlife. As Ruggette’s CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) she is social media guru with her toes dipped in brand development, outreach and communications. 

Favorite camp meal: peanut butter addict, nothing like an excuse for a classic PB&J. Crunchy not creamy.

Campfire band instrument: salt shaker maracas

Never goes camping without her... nutty chocolate


Hannah Goldstein
Co-founder COO
Pronouns: she/her/hers

Hannah is a Coloradan, Bostonian, and recent graduate of Williams College where she studied environmental studies, specializing in cultural geography. She wrote her honors thesis on the role of water scarcity in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and is passionate about environmental peacebuilding. Hannah is an HMI and NOLS alum, and super into all things backcountry (mostly skiing, cooking, and hiking). When working on Ruggette, you’ll find Hannah working with our brilliant artists, calculating finances, and making sure all items on the team’s to-do list have an accompanying check mark.

Favorite camp meal: quinoa black bean burgers

Campfire band instrument: baby uke!

Never goes camping without her...  fully loaded spice kit (in fact, she got the trail name spice kit on the AT because of it)  


Emily Eich
Designer & Product Developer (Intern)
Pronouns: she/her/hers
Insta: @eich.e

Emily is a Tahoe-ite and is joining the Ruggette team as a Designer and Product Developer! She studied Industrial Design at the University of Washington and has been working in the outdoor softgoods industry for a year post-grad. Growing up in Seattle, she spent a lot of time in the mountains, valleys, lakes and rivers of Washington and she is stoked to go skiing, biking and fly fishing in her new stomping ground in Tahoe. Her connection to nature and passion for the outdoors gets her stoked on designing sustainable, inclusive, and meaningful products.

Favorite camp meal: annie's mac n cheese

Campfire band instrument: harmonica… although she has no idea how to play it

Never goes camping without her... spoon carving tools


Helen Johnston
Mission & Digital Marketing Strategist (Intern)
Pronouns: she/her/hers

Helen Johnston was born in Chicago, Illinois but moved to Park City, Utah when she was ten. She likes her buildings tall, but her mountains taller. After her NOLS Alaska course, she is an avid-Croc wearer (adventure strap ~on~). Helen is passionate about increasing LGBTQIA+ representation in the outdoors and ending toxic gear culture. When she isn’t attempting to rock climb or send it on a pair of skis, you can find her running, calling one of her 3 sisters, or listening to The Backseat Lovers.   

Favorite camp meal: Campfire banana boat (these are SO slept on find the recipe here)

Campfire band instrument: Poor beatboxing

Never goes camping without her...  CROCZ


Kami Bakken
Program and Outreach Coordinator, Ambassador Program Director (Intern)
Pronouns: she/her/hers
Insta: @kami.bakken

Kami is a Minnesotan at heart, but now calls her home Colorado. Since graduating from Colorado State University, she has found herself exploring different environments across the country through guiding in California, Utah and Colorado. Her work now revolves around advocacy within the outdoors and making the outdoors an equitable and accessible space. She’s excited to create community within Ruggette and support the many amazing womxn in this community! You can find her on the river or trails in Frisco, Colorado where she currently lives, most likely drinking coffee or eating breakfast burritos.

Favorite camp meal: Some good ole pesto pasta with veggie sausages and lots of cheese

Campfire band instrument: Mountain bike helmet

Never goes camping without their… deck of cards!


Iyana Williams
Sustainability & Operations Strategist (Intern)
Pronouns: she/her/hers
Insta: @justanother97

Iyana is a Native Michigander who’s now going on her third year living in Valencia, Spain. She graduated college from Michigan State University (go green!) and studies Spanish and Sustainable Recreation & Natural Resource Management. She is a self-proclaimed expat, travel-lover, and adventure seeker. She is a firm believer in the outdoors being a space for everyone - and working towards making that a reality.  

Fav camp meal: Hot dogs

Campfire band instrument: Ukulele

Never goes camping without their… Hammock 



Khristina Rhead
Outreach and Community Engagement (Intern)
Pronouns: she/her/hers

Khristina is a rock climbing fanatic, writer, podcaster, and environmental activist. She studied cultural anthropology in college, but discovered her true passion to be outdoor recreation, education, and environmentalism in the last couple of years. Khristina cares deeply about diversifying in the outdoors and she hopes to be able to inspire other women of color to get outside as much as they can. 

Favorite camp meal: s’mores

Campfire band instrument: drum

Never goes camping without her... climbing shoes


Adwoa Nyame
Digital Marketing Strategist (Intern)
Pronouns: she/her/hers
Insta: @naadwoa_14

Adwoa is a Global Studies major at Colby College who is from Minnesota. She is excited to work for a brand that is committed to accessibility and inclusivity for women. In her spare time, Adwoa loves to listen to podcasts and music.  Her current favorite podcast is Hella Black. You can also find with her nose between a fantasy novel series that she is currently obsessed with.

Favorite camp meal: trail mix

Campfire band instrument: hand drumming

Never goes camping without her... a fiction novel 


Grace Giordano
Marketing Strategist and Graphic Designer
Pronouns: she/her/they

Grace is an artist, graphic designer, photographer and musician currently in Seattle. When she isn’t in the studio, you’ll find her on the slopes. Grace is dedicated to disability awareness and inclusion in the outdoors and abides by the philosophy that outdoor recreation is for everyone.

Favorite camp meal: Mac n' Cheese

Campfire band instrument: Guitar

Never goes camping without her... Sketchbook