The Ruggette Team

ruggette (rug·gette) n. the feminine embodiment of rugged. Ruggettes have grit, tenacity, and wit coursing through their veins; an ache for adventure in their heart. Never one to shy away from a challenge, they are a true badass whether they fit the traditional mold or not.
Isabel Adler
Co-founder CEO

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Isabel is a Brooklynite majoring in Government and minoring in Environmental Studies at Colby College. She is an Outward Bound and NOLS semester grad, Adirondack 46er, and Co-President of Colby's Mountaineering Club. She is extremely passionate about the color orange and the desert. As CEO Isabel does a bit of everything, her favorite being product development and supply chain sustainability.

Favorite camp meal: cheesy beans and rice, the more hot sauce the better, with what some might call a "gross" amount of sour cream

Campfire band instrument: upside-down plastic bowl drum

Never goes camping without her... super fuzzy sleeping socks


Lily Hogan
Co-founder  CMO
Pronouns: she/her/hers
Lily is a Manhattanite majoring in Global Studies and International Economic Policy at Colby College. She is a Division I Alpine Skier. Most recently, she bought a van... and is living the dream #vanlife. As Ruggette’s CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) she is social media guru with her toes dipped in brand development, outreach and communications. 

Favorite camp meal: peanut butter addict, nothing like an excuse for a classic PB&J. Crunchy not creamy.

Campfire band instrument: salt shaker maracas

Never goes camping without her... nutty chocolate


Hannah Goldstein
Co-founder COO
Pronouns: she/her/hers

Hannah is a Coloradan, Bostonian, and recent graduate of Williams College where she studied environmental studies, specializing in cultural geography. She wrote her honors thesis on the role of water scarcity in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and is passionate about environmental peacebuilding. Hannah is an HMI and NOLS alum, and super into all things backcountry (mostly skiing, cooking, and hiking). When working on Ruggette, you’ll find Hannah managing the Ambassador Program, calculating finances, and making sure all items on the team’s to-do list have an accompanying check mark.

Favorite camp meal: quinoa black bean burgers

Campfire band instrument: baby uke!

Never goes camping without her...  fully loaded spice kit (in fact, she got the trail name spice kit on the AT because of it)