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Emmie Hine - Ruggette Platform Consultant



Emmie is a climber, snowboarder, and hiker with a passion for cider donuts and crag dogs. You’ll usually find her climbing, reading, or consuming large quantities of tea (or some combination of the three!). She spent last year studying abroad in the U.K., where she learned to trad climb, established a training group, and helped host the Oxford University Mountaineering Club’s first womxn’s-only events. As captain of the Oxford climbing team and former president and captain of the Williams Climbing Club, she’s committed to fostering an inclusive environment and helping everyone send the gnar!

Paige Shetty - Ruggette Sustainability Consultant



Paige is a true Bostonian at heart, but has a deep love for the Southwest and Colorado, where she has spent the past three years as an undergraduate student at Colorado College. After a three-month NOLS course in New Zealand, she has gone on to challenge herself by leading outdoor trips for first-time campers in the canyons of Utah, biking 150 miles from Colorado Springs to Aspen, and learning how to rock climb. Paige is also a big sustainability nerd, and hopes to go into sustainability consulting and corporate social responsibility. When she is not recreating outside or diving into sustainability issues, you can find Paige meticulously crafting new playlists or eating toaster waffles.

Adelle Richards



Adelle is currently finishing up her Outdoor Recreation Business Administration degree at the University of Maine in Farmington. Her passion for the outdoors comes from growing up in Western Maine, where she still currently resides. Her favorite outings are to Weld, where she has a family camp she has been going to since she was born. Weld has some of her favorite views and hikes, Tumbledown Mountain and Center Hill. She is a budding traveler, and among her favorite activities are hiking and stand up paddle boarding (or any watersports). She is a camp counselor for Girls Camp in Readfield, Maine.

Ali Altman



Ali is a rising senior at Colgate University where she is finishing up her double major in Biology and Women's Studies. Growing up in Colorado, she was raised as an outdoor enthusiast and loves everything there is to do outside––especially running, skiing (alpine and telemark!), hiking, biking, cliff jumping, and stargazing. On campus, she is a leader for the Outdoor Education program and hosts a dope film festival every fall that celebrates badass women in adventure sports called No Man’s Land. She loves sharing a cup of coffee with a friend and getting fired up about social justice issues, especially reproductive health. She is equally passionate about snuggling with her dog and having spontaneous dance parties! Honestly, she could probably eat mac n’ cheese for every meal and listen to Bruno Major for the rest of her life and be happy. She couldn’t be more excited about joining the Ruggette community and helping them promote gender equity, inclusivity, and sustainability in the outdoors!

Ambika Rajyagor



Ambika is a 24 year old Indian-American from Southern California who loves to be outdoors as much as possible. She's a runner, a hiker, an explorer, and a beginner climber—-which all pretty much contributes to why she's such an advocate for nature conservation and defending our Parks. She's also an Outdoor/Adventure blogger and photographer, so you might see her on IG @GangesGal or online at Outside of her love for the outdoors, she's also a special needs and disabled advocate, a human rights activist, and a proud intersectional feminist. A lot of her work outside of her full-time office job and blogging is dedicated to giving back through advocacy and community service. She just wants to leave the world a better place than when she found it! She's super stoked to be an ambassador for Ruggette, because she sees a lot of connections between both of their missions. Cheers to future adventures!

Cal Waichler


Cal grew up in North Central Washington and is endlessly inspired by big mountains, deep winters, and wild rivers. She’s studying Environmental science and printmaking at Colby College, and hopes to combine her interests in science and art into environmental communication work someday. Her favorite things are wild salmon, cedar trees, and ski mountaineering in an old silk bathrobe that used to be her grandmother's. Through ski coaching, sharing skills, and bringing new friends into the backcountry, she strives to see more womxn empowered in the outdoors.

Caroline Dunbar



Originally from Buffalo, NY, Caroline is a senior at the University of Vermont studying Fisheries Biology. When she isn’t slamming books in the library (which occurs infrequently), she spends most of her time backcountry skiing, fly fishing, sailing, and climbing with friends! She hopes to one day work as a fly fishing guide, and work towards empowering womxn in the outdoors, or research the effects of fish hatcheries on the natural world. She likes her peanut butter smooth, powder days deep, days on the water breezy, and seeing a lot of other ladies owning the outdoors. So, raise a glass and give a yip to the ladies, and everything Ruggette is about to accomplish and become!

Caroline Murphy



Caroline Murphy (or Murph) is an East coaster that has been West and back again. She is a teacher, advisor, mentor, and guide, and has been likened to be the human equivalent of a Golden Retriever–she’d say that the last one is spot on! She currently lives in the White Mountain-dotted area of Maine and have found the wild parts of this state to be a sanctuary. Her greatest passions and solace in life have come from exploring the outdoors. When the going got tough in her life, she sought mountains and waves. She learned from the rugged landscapes that embraced her and the pain she felt that she could become just as strong as the peaks and shoals that held her as she fought the ups and downs of life and grief. To be rugged is to be womxn. So, cheers and yip yip to Ruggette and Ruggettes everywhere. Let’s do this thing.

Caroline Ullem



Caroline is currently a senior in high school in Southern California, but she has spent her childhood frolicking through downtown Chicago, suburban Wisconsin, Iowa, the Rocky Mountains, and, most recently, Leadville, CO (through a semester at HMI). Caroline loves to find nature's magic in every moment and place, from the wildest Utah canyon to a beautifully curated garden. Her smile is usually the widest when she is eating ice cream, at the summit of a mountain, persuading a friend to go on a run with her, or teaching someone to ski at the Telluride Adaptive Sports Program. She believes that nature is a magical place that deserves to be protected, admired, and shared with everyone!

Ella Hall



Ella grew up in the beautiful Methow Valley, Washington, and is currently pursuing a major in Environmental Studies at Dartmouth College. Formerly a competitive cross-country skier, Ella is into all things outdoors, especially trail running, skiing, and wildflower ogling. Ella spent the summer in Jackson, WY interning at the Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance and worrying about being eaten by a bear while running alone through the Tetons.

Emma Williams



Emma, currently finishing up high school in Richmond, Virginia, is a climber, mountain biker, and hiker who swears she should be living in New England. She spent a semester last school year studying in Colorado at HMI, where she developed an even greater love for adventuring on backpacking trips in the Utah canyons and skiing in fresh pow. Emma competes on her school’s mountain biking team and has earned herself a spot among the top ten in the state. Though she competes against other women in races, she is the only woman on her team. As she works on recruiting more women from her school to compete and practice with her and as the next captain of her climbing team, she is committed to making the outdoor space a welcoming and inclusive one.

Emory Banker


@emorybanker |

Emory grew up in Alaska. She recently joined her school's cycling team at Savannah College of Art and Design where she is studying to become an illustrator in publication design. She grew up cross country skiing and has now been teaching kids how to ski for five years. Overall she's an outdoors enthusiast and excited to try all kinds of new things!

Geneva Ascher



Geneva was born and raised in Breckenridge, Colorado, and has been skiing since she was 11 months old. She learned to stand in her father’s ski boots and the sport has stolen her heart ever since. She currently attends Western Washington University studying outdoor recreation and leadership. Growing up in a small ski community has shown her the importance of love for the outdoors and she hopes to carry that into her future. Being a female athlete in the world around her is so inspiring and she feels everyone should have equal opportunity to access the outdoors.

Georgia Panitz



Georgia grew up in New York and is currently studying at Williams College. She works with the Williams Outing Club spearheading the group's outreach, and loves having the opportunity to lead hikes around the beautiful Berkshires. In working on community outreach, she is always thinking about how to reach people of all backgrounds to get outside regardless of experience. In addition to hiking, Georgia's favorite ways to spend time include trail running, kayaking, and simply hanging out outside with friends!

Ingrid Thyr



As an elite level cross-country skier, Ingrid is stoked to spread the Rugette stoke to the Nordork world. Ingrid joined the Crosscut Elite Ski Team in 2020 after skiing with Williams College for four years and graduating with a degree in Environmental Studies and Mathematics. Originally hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota, she is happily getting a taste of Western mountain life in Bozeman, Montana. When not playing in the outdoors, eating, or sleeping, you can most likely find Ingrid doing a crossword, practicing on her new washtub bass, or enjoying a freshly brewed cup of coffee.

Iyana Williams



Iyana is a 22 year old, relatively recent graduate of Michigan State University, working as an English teacher in Valencia, Spain while simultaneously hopping into any outdoor adventure that is available, and working to make sure that space is available for other people who look like her too. #decolonizetheoutdoors

Jen Trujillo



Originally from Chicago, Jen is a rising junior at Colgate University where she studies Peace & Conflict Studies and Film & Media Studies (making an outdoor film is on her bucket list). While she has always been in love with the outdoors, it was not until a few years ago that she began to explore different outdoor sports and activities. She enjoys rock and ice climbing, canoeing, hiking, and stand up paddleboarding. At Colgate, she is a staff member for Colgate Outdoor Education. Staff members lead wilderness adventure trips, physical education courses, and team building programs. She is super excited to lead a biking preorientation this August on Zoom for incoming first-years! As a proud Latinx womxn, she seeks to close the gender gap while also inspiring womxn of color to go out and explore the outdoors.

Jess Hebert



Jess is a Maine native and Colorado transplant whose love for wild places runs almost as deep as her love for wild blueberries. Growing up she had virtually unlimited access to the outdoors and, since enrolling at Colorado College, has joined CC Outdoor Education in their mission to make the outdoors more accessible to everyone. When she’s not exploring (or climbing) the nearest outcrop with her Geology classes, you can find Jess planning and leading trips and trainings for CC Outdoor Education, teaching 5th graders environmental science, tearing up the slopes of Arapahoe Basin, often with ski school in tow, or frolicking among the sagebrush and mule deer of Colorado.

Jordan Averill



Jordan, originally from Massachusetts, grew up hiking in the East Coast woods. Since graduating from HMI, she now lives in Colorado and can’t get enough of the canyons in Utah and the mountains of the West. Jordan is a student at Colorado College studying Psychology and Human Biology. At CC she is involved in the Outdoor Education program, where she works at the gear house and leads backpacking trips. When she isn’t studying or at work, you can find her running along the trails on campus or at Red Rocks Open Space.

Kaitlin Raven



Kaitlin is a passionate outdoor worker who has spent the last 4 seasons traveling back and forth across the country to chase the next seasonal opportunity. Though originally from Chicago, she has lived in Florida, Arizona, New Hampshire, and California before landing at her current home in Bozeman, MT. She has a passion for building sustainable trails and has spent the last four years gaining a diverse skill set. She’s worked in invasive vegetation management, habitat restoration, conservation stewardship, volunteer outreach and management, fundraising, environmental education, ski instructing, wilderness first responder, and as a trail crew leader. Her favorite title is “Trail Dog,” a title reserved for those who have the tenacity to work numerous seasons and have extensive knowledge of trail work. When not wielding a chainsaw or pulaski, you can find her skiing, climbing, biking, backpacking, or drinking an IPA with her friends. Long term, Kaitlin would like to see more people from underserved communities and underrepresented populations in the outdoor job industry.

Kristiana Peric


@kperic62 | @theecothoughts

Kristiana Peric is a twenty-something year old Croatian-American that has no idea what she wants to do with her life :D All she knows is that she loves exploring the world and learning about all the beautiful religions and cultures that are held within it. She is constantly striving to learn how she can better live sustainably for Mother Earth herself. She loves creating–creating better outcomes, art, music (well…..trying to) and would probably have emotionally imploded at this point if she hadn’t come across spirituality, meditation, and journaling a couple of years ago. She's trying to live each day as a free individual that lives in alignment with her soul and expand herself in every which way.

Lauren Shaffner



Lauren is 19 years old and is studying environmental studies and sustainability at Michigan State University. She lives on a 3,000 acre farm, and has much experience with farm work and livestock. She first started to realize my love for the environment at around 13 when she began taking photography. She feels that nature is the most beautiful thing, and the closest thing we have to God. She sees herself producing sustainable clothing in the future as it’s something necessary for a clean Earth. She feels that the environment is what calms her down in times of stress, and gives her hope in times of sorrow. Altogether, she's a 19 year old with a dream much larger than myself. Love your mother Earth.

Lianne Burrell


@lianneburrell | @liannextraining

Lianne lives in British Columbia but grew up on the east coast of Canada. Currently, she works as a sport coach/personal trainer, but when she isn't coaching, she is climbing, splitboarding, trail running, mountain biking, or something along those lines. She loves getting involved in the community and promoting/empowering womxn in sport and strength training. She also loves the feeling of a drinking a beer after a 12 hour+ epic!

Lior Gross



Lior Gross is a connector; they connect people to information, information to ideas, and people to people through poetry, ecology, community organizing, and spirituality. They work as a scientist, educator, and activist in order to inspire people of all ages to experience the world they walk through with wonder so that communities may be mobilized towards relationship, stewardship, and connection. They love rock climbing, backpacking, geocaching, and kayaking, in the woods of Piscataway land and the mountains of Arapaho territory.

Maggie O'Shea


@shaggie_omea | @maggies_camera

Maggie O’Shea hails from the east coast, living in Maine, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Maine (with a brief venture west to Colorado and Washington) throughout her life. She now is headed to Santa Cruz, CA to help build climate resilient communities by day and run, garden, and climb by night! She is very passionate about ice cream, maps, and, finally, inclusivity and accessibility in the outdoors. A recent graduate of Bates College in Lewiston, ME, she spent her time there creating systems to increase the accessibility and inclusivity of the college’s Outing Club and hopes to continue this work in her new home in Santa Cruz. She also studied Environmental Justice at Bates and sees inclusivity and accessibility of outdoor spaces as intimately intertwined with her climate justice work (aka the work she does when she’s not playing outside!). She hopes to help create an outdoor community that not only is equity and justice-focused but also one that reimagines what outdoor adventuring looks like to include all the multitude of ways that folx engage with the natural world.

Mary Smith



Mary grew up in Tulsa, OK, and earned her bachelor’s in journalism in 2019 at the University of Oklahoma. She is currently working towards her master’s in public relations and wants to smash the barriers that have made so many groups feel unwelcome in the outdoors and work to see that everyone is represented in outdoor recreation media. Mary’s loved hiking and camping since she was a kid and has started to cross National Parks off her list (Zion is her current favorite). She is also a running fanatic and ran her first marathon in 2019! You can catch her devouring podcasts, books, dark chocolate, and the latest season of Queer Eye, as well as mapping out her next camping trip, pretty much any day of the week.

Melissa Baake



Melissa is a super adventure enthusiast. Anything outdoors goes! Photography and snowboarding are probably her two favorite hobbies right about now. She's always looking for the next new adventure 💪

Mollie Jepsen



Mollie Jepsen, from Whistler, British Columbia, is a National Team athlete and World Cup Champion who represented Canada at the 2018 Paralympic Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea. She is passionate about inspiring more women to go play outside and closing the gap between for women in the outdoor community. She is currently studying at Quest University Canada in Squamish, B.C. while pursing her athletic goals to attend the 2022 Beijing Paralympic Games.

Nicole Greene



Nicole Greene is from Park City, Utah. She's a rising senior at St. Lawrence University in Canton, NY and is an Environmental Studies/Sociology combined major. She's also a member of the Alpine Ski Team and lives in a theme house called Commons College that focuses on community outreach and cultivating an inclusive environment. For the past two summers she has lead for Apogee Adventures, a company that empowers youth through outdoor adventure. Spending her time outside, whether it’s mountain biking, ski touring, hiking or camping is something that she values and enjoys doing with her good friends and family! Oh, and her favorite mountain summit snack is an avocado (whole)!

Sofia Nathoo



Sofia Nathoo is a born and raised New Yorker but has always loved the outdoors. From a young age, she spent time playing soccer, lacrosse, tennis, and golf, and skiing both for fun and competitively. She continued to pursue her interest in the outdoors by attending Swiss Semester sophomore year of high school. She is currently on a gap year before attending Georgetown University in the fall. She spent the first half of her gap year at High Mountain Institute's Rock Climbing & Conservation program backpacking and learning how to rock climb in Colorado, Utah, and Chile. After discovering this love for rock climbing, she has continued to pursue it independently mostly indoors and has been encouraging her non-climber friends to come to the climbing gym with her and try out the sport.

Veronica Jones



Veronica is a rock climber and an artist originally from Cleveland, OH. Her relationship with the outdoors began when she went to the High Mountain Institute in Leadville, Colorado during high school and she hasn’t looked back. Between semesters studying Sculpture and Computer Science at Colby College, Veronica lives in the Red River Gorge in Kentucky honing her rock climbing skills and taking artistic inspiration from the breathtaking scenery of the Southeast. Veronica loves teaching people to climb and is in the process of obtaining her guiding certifications from the American Mountain Guides Association so that she can show more women the magic of climbing. Veronica’s perfect day involves tacos, climbing with badass women, drawing, and the color yellow.

Zoë McKinney



Zoë is from North Conway, New Hampshire, in the heart of the White Mountains, which is where her love of the outdoors began. Either skiing up–and down–mountains, across fields, running over mountain tops, or trying something her friends are passionate about, she loves to spend her time outside. When not in the outdoors, you can probably find her in the kitchen making cookies, cakes, or attempting to figure out how sourdough works (she fervently believes chocolate chip cookies and carrot cake are the answers to most of your snack needs). She is currently studying psychology and education at Bates College and hopes to work with elementary and middle school students in her future either as a teacher or a social worker. She hopes to share her experiences in the outdoors with other womxn and show that however you define outdoor activities, it can be an empowering and inspiring space.