Ruggette Artists & Projects

Artist Cal creating on a grassy hill

Cal Waichler

Collaborated with Ruggette on... Journal Entry and Sketches.

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Cal grew up in North Central Washington and is endlessly inspired by big mountains, deep winters, and wild rivers. She’s studying Environmental science and printmaking at Colby College, and hopes to combine her interests in science and art into environmental communication work someday. Her favorite things are wild salmon, cedar trees, and ski mountaineering in an old silk bathrobe that used to be her grandmother's. Through ski coaching, sharing skills, and bringing new friends into the backcountry, she strives to see more womxn empowered in the outdoors.

Artist Griffin giving a great belay

Griffin Mueller

Collaborated with Ruggette on... Rugged Badass Bracelets.


"Hi, I'm Griffin. I am from Colorado and more often than not I find myself skiing, climbing, kayaking or running around my favorite state. I love creating things that play into everyday life, from installation art to hand stamped pieces of jewelry. I love making individualized pieces that people can hold on to forever, and can be worn during even the most epic of adventures."

Artist Kaitlyn and her motorcycle

Kaitlyn Ripaldi

Collaborated with Ruggette on... T-shirt graphics.

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"Through my business, YellowLeaf Design, I provide graphic design and illustration work for value-driven businesses with a particular interest in outdoor recreation-based projects. Painting and drawing have been many things to my life, but making art has primarily been a way for me to connect with those around me and express my gratitude for these connections. While my design work aims to solve a specific problem or strengthen a business’ story, I create and share my studio work as a way to help others cultivate gratitude and connection in their own lives.

Outside of YellowLeaf Design I am constantly seeking inspiration for my work and exploring new means to express my creativity. I love cooking meals with friends, scaling rock walls, camping in the mountains, riding my bike, visiting museums around Boston, and especially slowing down to visit with my family and loved ones across New England."

Artist Kika in a field

Kika MacFarlane

Collaborated with Ruggette on... The Beanie.


"Hello! I’m Kika, a Jackson Hole-based illustrator, animator, and designer. My love for design is coupled with a passion for playing outside and standing up for what I believe in, and I use my work as a tool for activism and conversation. I believe the outdoors are for all, and that art has the power to shape people and make change. When I’m not pushing pixels around on a screen, you can find me backcountry skiing, swimming in alpine lakes, winning at word games, and endlessly pursuing the best veggie burrito out there. Please let me know if you have any leads on that last one."

Artist Kristiana among rocks

Kristiana Peric

Collaborated with Ruggette on... Prints.

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Entranced by... the spirit of all things and connecting with anything that not only helps her expand as a human but feel more connected with those around, and the earth.

Has found inspiration in... simpler ways of living (#villagelife) and immersing herself in the beautifully diverse landscapes Mother Earth has to offer, (especially in Croatia.)

"I hope you guys enjoy these pieces as much as I enjoyed making them! Everything I make is made with the intention to tie in divine feminine energy, the spirit of the earth, and indigenous wisdom that lies in every culture. This shop exists because of the belief that we all need to tap into our creative inner world and find our way of expressing it! Thank you so much for supporting in any which way."

Artist Lauren in a hat

Lauren Echo

Collaborated with Ruggette on... Sustainable Posters and Ruggette Gram Van Life.

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"I’m Lauren, a self-taught illustrator based in Reno, NV. I love getting outside, being happy, and making art. All of my art is created digitally with simple line work and bold colors. My creations are inspired by the outdoors in hopes of connecting people to the natural world because you don’t need to be hardcore to get after it."

Artist Mads in snowy woods

Madison Perrins

Collaborated with Ruggette on... The Crew Neck.


Madison Perrins is an artist from Bozeman, Montana. She uses art to express an unwavering connection to the natural world. Using various mediums, her work lifts up the spirituality of the landscape, especially inspired by the sweeping expanses of the Western US. In turns, her imagery embodies joy, playfulness, power, the sacred, interiority, and radiant feminine energy.

Artist Nori in sunglasses

Nori Rinaldo

Collaborated with Ruggette on... Wood Cuts.

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"Hey there! My name is Nori, and I’m an artist based in Portland, Oregon. I love living in Portland because I have access to all sorts of different landscapes. The ocean, the mountains, and the desert are all within driving distance, and I’m extremely lucky to call this place home. Thanks to the surrounding natural beauty, I’m constantly inspired to experiment with my art and try new things. I love to just let my mind wander, like you would on a long hike or ski tour, and see where my creativity takes me.

I feel like my art is focused around carefully selected colors and lots of line work. My subjects are almost always landscapes, and I also love to play with geometric shapes as well! I make paintings, digital illustrations, and most recently, murals. Murals are a great way for me to encompass all of my artistic pursuits, starting small with digital drawings and ending with painting large, with both mental and physical problem solving.

When I’m not creating, I love to mountain bike, ski, and surf, but I am down for any sort of adventure. In the spirit of constantly exploring, I collaborated with Ruggette to try out this new medium and create these designs.

Using a laser cutter, the team brought my drawings to life on wood with the intention to celebrate the beautiful planet we call home and inspire viewers to look at things from a different perspective. I hope that they can bring some fun and adventure into your life! "