Our Values


As a company, Ruggette is dedicated to making outdoor recreation an inclusive space for those of all racial and gender identities. We are working to dismantle the barriers to entry that have historically excluded all but cis white men. Time and time again, we feel that the outdoor industry and outdoor recreators haven’t done enough to support social and racial justice.

We’ve spent a lot of time throughout Ruggette’s growth focused on how we can be as inclusive as possible and support BIPOC both in the outdoors and beyond while being very aware that we are a company founded by three cis white women. As a tiny company, we don’t have the same abilities as large corporations; what we do have is a platform to bolster support for racial and social equality movements and to build a diverse team.

Gender Equity in the Outdoors

Ruggette was founded with the goal of promoting gender equity in the outdoors by providing better gear options for every kind of womxn.

Womxn who love the outdoors have historically been labeled as tomboys, and have been pushed to turn away from traditional norms of femininity in order to be accepted as rugged. One way gender bias is present is in the gear options available for womxn. 

Walking through the aisles of outfitters, it is easy to notice the disparity between men’s and womxn’s gear. Gear options for men are plentiful and cater to a wide range of activities, from short day hikes to gear for the most extreme expeditions. Womxn’s options, on the other hand, lack this variety and cater towards less extreme activities. Womxn’s products, when available, are generally of a lesser quality and are predominantly designed to make women look good, sacrificing utility in the process. Lastly, these products are frequently in bright pinks and purples; don’t get us wrong, we love those colors, but we love having options more.

Womxn are not fragile and dainty, we definitely don’t all have one body type, and we don’t all love bright patterns. Rugged womxnwe see you, are inspired by you, and seek to support you and the movement to make the outdoors the equal space that it should be. Join us.


We are nutty about environmental sustainability and strive for Ruggette to be as sustainable as possible.

The textile industry has a massive carbon footprint, and we are doing everything in our power to minimize our environmental impact. In particular, we are dedicated to making our products from the most sustainable materials available. Our first product, THE pants, are made from a blend of hemp and recycled polyester!

Our dedication to the environment is woven into the legal framework of our company. We are a public benefit corporation, which means that in addition to being accountable to traditional shareholders, we are also accountable to stakeholders such as society and the planet. What this means: we don’t just make decisions based on our bottom line, but think about how our choices will impact society and the planet for generations to come.

As a public benefit corporation we are also committing to give a percent of our annual profits to organizations that either promote womxn empowerment or environmental sustainability, or both!