Seasonal Maker in Residence

Every season, Ruggette collaborates with an artist who supports and promotes our mission. We work together to make a unique product that is sold on the Ruggette website for that season only. 
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Fall of 2020

Kat is an ambassador and the owner of the necklace company Thread and Shred, she's making a unique Ruggette choker necklace.

Hey! I’m Kat, a Bozeman, MT local and soon-to-be Colorado transplant starting school at Colorado College this fall. I have been lucky enough to grow up with mountains right in my backyard and parents who taught me to love and respect the outdoors fiercely. Being in the mountains and spending time outside has taught me immeasurable lessons in perseverance, resilience and being stoked outside with people I love. Being outside is a forever type of love, and one that I hope to be able to share with all types of people. Here’s to rugged womxn everywhere!!
Thread and Shred Designs is inspired by rugged womxn who shred wearing a little bit more than just their gear. Literally designed to wear anywhere and wear everywhere, they are the type of necklace you put on and don’t take off for a month. Or maybe a year. The kind of necklace that can withstand road trips and sleeping under the stars and puppy teeth and rivers and the ocean and sand and sweat from skiing or biking or hiking… The list goes on. And I’ve found some that came close. Until the chain broke from accidentally sleeping in it one too many times. Thread and Shred Designs fill that gap, as I myself am a self-proclaimed “jewelry girl” who also practically lives in sunglasses and some sort of helmet, plus the necklace (or two) that I always wear.

Summer of 2020

Griffin kicked off our maker in residence program with her rugged, empowering and customizable BADASS and GRIT bracelets! 

"I started stamping brass bracelets because I wanted a durable piece of jewelry that could bear my mantras. The bracelets are made in industrial grade brass  that is hand sanded, stamped, and bent to create unique pieces. The brass is extremely strong and can be bent and shaped to your wrist without losing any of its structural integrity. The bracelets undergo mild oxidation events as you wear them, as the salts in your sweat react with the copper containing alloy. The bracelets each take on a life of their own as they get worn. As you adventure and live life the letters become more prominent as the brass darkens. I have found my bracelets to become more beautiful over time." - Griffin 

After beginning her stamping endeavors focused on brass, Griffin expanded her art to aluminum bands to accommodate for style preferences. The aluminum bands will not undergo oxidation or change over time to the same degree that brass will. 

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