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Are you tired of telling people you miss them over Facetime or Zoom or text? We’re sick of it. A Ruggette-Gram is the chance to tell your badass friend you miss them by sending something tangible.

What it includes:
  1. A Badass sticker 
  2. A printed coloring page, “VanLife” (colab with rad ambassador & artist Lauren Echo)
  3. A note from you! (if you choose)

How it works:
  1. You buy a Ruggette-Gram 
  2. Enter your friend’s address into the shipping details
  3. Type your note in the "order note" box at checkout or send in email to
  4. They receive an envelope that puts a giant smile on their face
  5. They have a new activity to do: color-in Lauren’s Van Life Print
  6. They get to daydream about van life and post-quarantine adventures
  7. They are reminded of your thoughtfulness and empowered whenever they look at their Badass Ruggette sticker
*Steps 1-4 are guaranteed by Ruggette PBC. 
*Steps 5-7 are guaranteed by your founders