VOTE Stickers by Kika (all profits donated)


VOTE Stickers by Kika (all profits donated)

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We will be donating all profits to the Rural Utah Project. The Rural Utah Project "seeks to empower underrepresented voters in rural Utah through training, education, voter registration, and issue advocacy." Read more on their website! We are offering multiple price options to enable you to increase your donation. 

Thank you to artist Kika Macfarlane for donating this beautiful artwork so we can raise awareness and make change. 

Stickers are, in classic Ruggette fashion, waterproof, drop-proof, shockproof, dirt-proof, and adventure-proof. The dimensions of this design are 2.26" x 2.72".

This election is incredibly important. The result will impact our daily lives, the rights of our communities, and the future of our environment. While this election's results will reflect our future, the best way to get your voice heard is to VOTE not just in this election, but all elections. Your town has elections. Your city has elections. Your state has elections. Your school community probably even has elections. Those elections happen routinely and often have super low turnout. We hope you use this as a reminder that all elections are an opportunity to make social change. Let's get out there!